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Thank you for considering Paisano Animal Clinic for your pet's veterinary care.  I hope you'll choose to visit me the next time your pet needs vaccinations, dental care, or is ill, and would like to let you know a little bit about the clinic.

I am Carla A. Thompson, DVM, a 1987 graduate of Colorado State University.  I started a house call practice in Las Cruces in February 1988.  Many pets are more comfortable at home; it may be difficult or inconvenient to transport them to a clinic, where they may encounter other anxious pets and become nervous and unruly before ever reaching an exam room. My clients choose house calls for a wide variety of reasons:  work schedules, young children, physical disabilities, lack of transportation, multiple pets, or pets who are too large or too terrified to ride in the car are only a few of the reasons people request a house call.    

NO HOUSE CALLS DURING THE COVID PANDEMIC.                                 

A Full-Service Clinic

I expanded my practice in 1996 to include a clinic in part of my home.    Each patient is treated as if it were one of my own pets; I take the time to do a thorough exam, and to answer any questions you may have.  In addition to routine preventive care, surgery and dental procedures are also routinely performed in the clinic.  I have a full pharmacy, and carry prescription diets that your pet may need for specific medical conditions.  Please call ahead to request a refill on medication or food before coming to the clinic; I'll have everything prepared for your arrival to minimize your w
aiting time.

Preventive Care for the Caring Owner
My philosophy of veterinary medicine is one of preventive care; I want to do everything possible to make sure your pet has a long, happy, healthy relationship with you.  To achieve this goal, I will make individualized recommendations about vaccinations, surgeries and oral health care; food and medical products available to help ensure your pet's well-being; suggestions about obedience training and behavior problems; and any other concerns you may have.